Ark of Women

Ark of women is a mentorship program hosted by First Lady Lesley Osei.  It is a 1-2 week course endeavored to teach women how to study the word of God as well as deliver it.  This mentorship program requires the use of social media, mainly instagram and facebook.  Assignments are given out daily, however the use of social media is required every Tuesday and Wednesday of the duration of the cohort   A new topic is given every cohort. Be on the lookout for this cohort’s topic, IT’S GOING TO BE GOOD! There is no age or education requirement.All christian women from all walks of life are encouraged to join this program, do not allow the enemy to talk you out of it.  This is a platform for women who want to go into ministry, identify their calling and gifts or just simply want to know more of the word of God.  The bonus part of this all is the sisterhood that it creates.  Long lasting friendships have been created from this program.  The support and love that women showcase here is unreal so don’t be scared. Register before seats fill up!!!!!! Limited spots available

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