Mashiach 2019 (Old Book)


Welcome to Mashiach 2019 21 Day Marriage Fast! The term “Mashiach” literally means “the anointed one,” and refers to the ancient practice of anointing kings with oil when they took the throne. The Mashiach is the one who will be anointed as king in the End of Days. The promise of the Lord that came with this fast is that after 21 days or tarrying and waiting on the Lord, He will anoint each head for great, exemplary marriages, ministries, business, degrees, and families. Your countenance must increase after this fast! SOMETHING MUST CHANGE! SOMETHING MUST BREAK! 21 days YOU pray, YOU get TESTIMONIES!!! The Anointed One will anoint you! This booklet is your first Vow to God that you are taking things seriously in HIM. The amount of fasting, prayer and Work that goes into these books alone has birthed several testimonies. The Grace has been released for you to go DEEPER! Obtain your own booklet as a form of covenant. Spiritual Things are real, don’t take any instructions lightly!

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