Marry Me Truths




This book is a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!
Marital Wisdom Nuggets Volume 1

Remember marriage is an invention by God. God designed marriage to be the closest thing on earth! As Counselors the major bulk of counseling is marital counseling, either counseling to get married, counseling those who are married and counseling those looking to get out of marriage.
In Psychology, statistics show that 49% of marriage in America end in divorce, statistics also show that 18% of marriages will not make it to celebrate a 5th year anniversary. 48% will never make it to celebrate their 15th year anniversary. There is a high rate of marital failure and the sad part is it’s no different from what happens among st born again Christians. Marriage amongst Buddhist last longer than Christian marriages. We live in a world where marriage is in danger. Marriage was ordained for the betterment of the couple, for life to be better for the man and life to be better for the woman.

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