Apostle Dominic Osei is the lead Pastor and founder of Kingdom Full Tabernacle International Ministries (KFT) headquartered in Darien, Connecticut. He is happily married to his lovely wife, Lesley Osei who is also an ordained Pastor in the ministry, and together they are blessed with six beautiful children.

Apostle Dominic Osei is an international speaker, philanthropist, teacher and a mentor with an agenda to spread the kingdom agenda worldwide. Through strategic and fervent prayers, KFT has grown to be an impactful ministry that has brought deliverance to many people around the world and led to many people giving their lives to Christ. After successfully obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fordham University, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, he went on to obtain a second bachelor’s in Theology at New Covenant Biblical Seminary. Continuing his journey after seminary school, he began his Pastoral ministry prior to KFT from 2014 to 2016.

In 2015, Apostle Dominic married Prophetess Lesley Osei and together they have been winning souls for the Kingdom of God through their ministry and marriage. Through their union, the annual 21 day marriage fast was birthed, taking place every year in October with thousands of people in attendance.

With Apostle Dominic’s passion for mentoring powerful men in the Kingdom of God, he founded the Ark of Men mentorship program. This cohort mentorship program aims to assist young men desiring to grow in God. Participants of the program are able to analyze and enhance their true calling as men in the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Dominic Osei is a carrier of the graces to mentor and teach, guiding people to understand the biblical teaching of the word of God. He is called to help bring people out of bondage, deliver the masses and win souls for the kingdom of God. By the grace of God, he has a deliverance ministry where the captives are set free, signs and wonders of healing and receiving impartation of the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Apostle Dominic Osei also believes in the significance of Christians having financial knowledge that brings deliverance from the poverty mindset. As a solution, he launched an annual program titled, “Thou Shalt Not Borrow.” This program is set to break generational poverty through scriptures so that everyone can live a “Kingdom Life” and pay off debt.