Prayer city Project

In the beginning…

Kingdom Full Tabernacle was founded in July 2016 by Apostle Dominic & First Lady Lesley Osei. The first service was held in their living room in Stamford Connecticut, with just 1 visiting member. Over the next few weeks, a handful of attendees joined for Sunday Service.

As a leap of faith in obedience to the Holy Spirit, in September 2016, Apostle Dominic and First Lady Lesley began renting a room at the Yerwood Center Boys & Girls club for weekly services. This kindergarten classroom was where the first official KFT members would come and be planted as pillars of the church. Membership continued to grow steadily and over time, weekly services were packed to capacity.

By early 2018 it was time for another leap! The ministry was continuing to grow and more space was needed. KFT prepared for a transition to its first real home, a warehouse space located at 215 Henry Street, Stamford, CT. Renovations and structures were put in place to convert what was at first, a dusty, empty warehouse space into a beautiful house of worship that would hold 150 people at capacity.

The Process…

Over the course of the next two years, from 2019- 2020, KFT membership continued to grow as the ministry was able to host more programs and events. Dedicated members traveled from New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, Ohio, and various other locations, including Connecticut itself, would travel weekly to experience how God was moving in Stamford, CT. At this time, the ministry’s social media presence also began to grow, drawing more souls to the Kingdom.

By 2020, what started out as a living room church with 1 visitor, had grown into a full blown international ministry, with over 150 in house members, and over 800 virtual members. Despite the global pandemic, during quarantine KFT was able to reach thousands of people all over the world through broadcasting weekly services, prayers and programs through various social media platforms. As a result, many were able to give their lives to Christ. Kingdom Full Tabernacle membership was growing exponentially and by the time gathering bans had been lifted, KFT was hosting weekly in-house services at full capacity every week! It was time for another move, as the ministry was expanding.

Possess the Land!

By the grace of God, in December 2020 KFT purchased 15 acres of land for $1.5 million In accordance with God’s mandate upon this ministry, our ultimate goal is to manifest the kingdom of God on earth. What better way manifest his Kingdom than to build a house for God to dwell? This new house will be a house of worship and a home for lost sheep to become disciples of Christ. Our temple will stand before God as a memorial in heaven. KFT’s Prayerdome will be a place where souls are won and where those who have been living in bondage find their deliverance. We encourage you to donate as much as you are led to until our property is turned into a full blown prayer city! This building project for some of us is our silver lining of hope in the midst of the pandemic. As we have rapidly grown in the past 5 years, KFT has become a home for many across the world. Building with us not only provides a space for global citizens to worship, it truly is a way of manifesting God’s kingdom on Earth. Join KFT as we transform Stamford into Prayer City. As we entered into the Apostolic and the Lionic anointing, it’s time to possess the land!

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